Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jury Duty

I been sort of out of pockett a few days. That kid Andy done broke his leg when his horse threw him and I been havin to do his job an mine too. On top of that I got sent for to be on Judge Parker's jury to hang a horse thief they caught down close to Mansfield. Turned out Judge Parker was gone so they had Judge Cox -we called him Jamie when we was kids- set in for him but the outcome was perty much the same. Recon that Floyd Folsom has stole his last horse. I saw Paw a while Sunday. He don't talk so much about Logan wearin the blue no more. I thank he final figgered out we all just called it the way we seen it an did what we thought was right. It was a hard time for us all and is best forgot. The day I took off the grey they wont no more blue an grey just four brothers that come back alive an not shot up too bad. I thank when it was all said an done Paw was more prouder of Logan than the rest of us.

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  1. Fact is I wore the blue cause I heered the grub was better up north. I never figured serving under General George Gordon Meade was anything special till I seen him lead the troops at Mechanicsville. After that I reckon most of the men would have follered him anywhere. Gaines Mill, even Glendale wasn't no worse. I had to carry him off the battlefield at Glendale, I figured that was the last of him, but he come back. Some of the boys kind of turned agin him after Gettysburg; they said he let Lee get plum away. But I figure what he done at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville more than made up for that, and I reckin ole' Abe figured the same, cause he made him Brigadier General after that. Anyhow, I reckin that's all water under the bridge; we've got different troubles now.