Monday, February 16, 2009

Frog legs and Homebrew

Wul I was worried some about Paw so yesterday I saddled up Badger and rode down to his place. When I rode up to his cabin I heard voices from inside. Come to find out Paw and Joe Bob Austin had been down on Bull Creek frog gigin and had come back with a toe sack full. Paw had cooked a mess of frog legs in fish batter and fried some taters and sliced up a big purple onion and had a big pan of cornbread on the table. They had sent for Frankie Dean and R G Oliver to come help eat them and Frankie Dean had brought some of his latest batch of home brew but I noticed everbody but him was drankin ice tea. I ate my fill and then some as did everbody else and they was still a lot left. R G said maybe I ought to take some frog legs to Walter on account of he memberd how much Walter liked em. Frankie Dean come too about then and slured that maybe Walter would like to have some of his latest batch of home brew to wash em down with. I tole Frankie Dean that Walter favored ice tea.....

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