Friday, February 13, 2009

Luther's Visit

Cousin Luther came by my cabin today.. said he'd been by to see Paw a week ago Sunday. I told Luther I never thought I'd see the day that Paw would be feedin varmints in the back yard and that he's mellowed some. I tole Luther that ever time I went down there he was smokin, drankin coffee an lookin out the back door at the critters. Luther tole me that's perty much how he seen it. Said when he rode up that Paw was sure nuf sittin at the table smokin, drankin strong coffee an pickin his tooth with a mockin bird bone. Said he had a big pot of squirrel dumplins a boilin on the stove. Paw always favored Squirrel dumplins I recall. What Luther tole me sort of esplained them feathers I been findin around Paw's cabin. Luther said he ain't seen Walter ... his brother Walter not my dog Walter... though they do favor... since he got out of jail but had been tole that Walter had a place down close to Needmore now. It's a good thang I ain't gettin no valentines tomorrow on account of I ain't got no shoebox to fix up to put em in.......

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